Transit Protection

1) Both parties agree there are no warranties express or implied, except those contained in this contract.

2) The uniform conditions of carriage as printed on back of this form apply and are agreed to by both parties in event of any variation between the provisions for service and the provisions hereof. Shipper acknowledges reviewing conditions of carriage on back.
Shipper is the individual requesting cartage of goods from one destination to another.

3) Unless payment has been otherwise arranged the carrier will not relinquish possession of the shipment until all charges are paid in cash, money order or certified cheque and providing the shipper has been advised at origin of actual costs in excess of 110% of estimated costs refer to rule 14 on the reverse hereof. A $50 service charge will be applied for a bad cheque.

4) Each party remains jointly and severally liable for all charges and interest on overdue accounts at 1.5% (one and a half percent) per month (18% per annum compounded annually) from the date of the invoice. Any unpaid account requiring collection procedures will have a 100% service charge added to the amount owing.

5) CARRIERS LIABILITY unless the consignor in writing expressly releases the shipment to a value not exceeding $________________ per kg per article the carrier's maximum liability for loss or damage shall either be the lump sum value declared by the shipper or an amount equal to $___________ per kg computed on the total weight of the shipment, whichever is greater. In which case additional charges to cover the increased liability shall be paid by the consignor. Shippers declaration of value $

6) If shipment contains any documents, specie or articles of extraordinary value shipper must list them here, or on an attachment hereto.

7) Should $4.41/kg/article be chosen, the carrier agrees that if there is loss or damage sustained while in its custody, it will pay the full cost of repair or if repair is not possible, replacement with deduction for depreciation, whichever is less. Any items not purchased or currently purchasable in the commercial market in Canada will be settled at the appraised value.

8) SHIPPER'S DECLARATION I am the legal owner of the furniture and effects referred to or his/her authorized agent. I understand the carriers liability is limited by a term or condition of carriage contained in this agreement. I agree to the foregoing contract, terms and conditions and make the declaration of value set forth in condition 5 above.
Shipper or his agent.

9) Total weight agreed to by both parties is___________________________kg.

Moving Tips

  • Tip #1: Clear out unwanted goods
  • Tip #2: Get rid of flammables
  • Tip #3: Empty fuel from mowers, clippers, trimmers and so on
  • Tip #4: Clothes, do you need them all?
  • Tip #5: Separate books, disposable, family reading, valuable
  • Tip #6: Check all electrical goods, will they work in the new house
  • Tip #7: Start making up your change of address list home?
  • Tip #8: Arrange to have mail forwarded.
  • Tip #9: Arrange termination date for electricity, gas, oil, telephone and other main suppliers
  • Tip #10: Have rugs cleaned